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Faculty, British AI starup raised $42.5 million by Apax Digital Fund

Artificial Intelligence (AI) opened up many opportunities in the IT sector of businesses in the past. And it shows no sign of stopping as more services and companies are adopting intelligent technologies by utilising AI-based mechanisms. A recent business survey in the tech market flagged the British faculty’s growth. The British AI company recently raised $42.5 million (£30 m) for more services. The fund grew quite large. They received funding from APAX Digital Fund (ADF).

From the fundraising, they raised over $56.6 million (£40 million) in total. Faculty provides traffic management software’s to private companies & government authorities. They even largely contributed to the Network Rail controllers. Digital Railway Initiative began from the same company as part of digital and safe road routing. Faculty manages control points of nine different locations, alongside 120 miles of the rail network. So, in total, there are about 2,500 trains that are handled each day in the London terminal. Last month, Faculty announced that they won a contract. It was with the UK’s NHS. Together they want to predict better needs for the future. There are also seven other contracts running with the UK government. The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), Virgin Media (VM), Moonpig, Red Bull, etc.

The Faculty launched a real-time monitoring system on the same routes in June 2018. As they were part of large government contracts, many bright ideas came to light. The agreement asked for an intelligent system to predict the time between delays and calculate to take the right decision. It would help to minimize time loss and impact the network in a positive manner. It was then the company highlighted their best workflow. A three-stage approach modelling came into the live network. AI helped predict delays and, at the same time, causes that were impacting performance. And lastly, controllers expect the most thoughtful decisions. The model became so successful that it was taken as default and applied everywhere else.

Meanwhile, being one of the best AI service providers in the country. In March 2020,

Department for Environment awarded the company a £50,000 contract in Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). The goal here was to find better ways for vessels engaged in illegal activities. There were many vessels without licences and were breaking fishing rules in Britain’s waters. The firm also worked for Dominic Cumming’s Vote Leave Campaign. It was quite the same task to utilise machine learning for security measurements in the same waters.

Faculty will now be creating over 400 new jobs. The jobs will consist of product and delivery system, engineering, programming etc. DR. Marc Warner, Dr Angie Ma, Andrew Brookes founded the company back in 2014. With top tier challenges and PhD’s in data science, the company grew unexpectedly fast and now covering statewide operations. The company is now pitching R&D operations for AI services. They will have improved calculations and equations over the typical mathematics and codes used in AI programs.

More data means more accuracy, and the company is notorious for extracting high-quality data and applying it to the real world. The company also won multiple public contracts after a successful campaign for the British government.

And that’s not all; the company now links with senior Tory figures in Downing street alongside the Cabinet Office. NHSX partnered with the NHS AI Lab to develop the COVID-19 database NCCID (Chest Imaging Database).

The goal here is to scale artificial intelligence as quickly and efficiently as possible. The UK Home Office asked AI database of terrorists alongside BBC, easyJet by utilising their advanced technology, and the companies are working through it to send preliminary result. Mark Beith, Apax Digital partner, joined the Faculty’s board of directors. He said the company has cutting edge technology and inspires people of all culture. Their goal is to interact with customers as much as possible for a fair and transparent experience. Faculty received 350 units of Ether in 2018 by the Estoirna investor in January. Another $434,000 worth in 2020, according to Faculty’s financial filings.

With customers like BBC, British Airways, Deloitte, Dow Jones, Cisco, GOV.UK, NHS, Siemens, Tesco, The Telegraph, APAX, ARUP, more innovation is on its way via Faculty AI services.


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