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Canva expands its AI potential through the provision of copyright indemnity for AI-generated photos

Canva, the visual communication software provider, has been trending in the tech world with its AI tools being used over 3 billion times in just six months. Now, Canva is taking a giant step forward by introducing an innovative solution of AI-driven design named "Magic Studio." This all-in-one AI design solution is focused at tailoring advanced AI tools and technology to cater specifically to the enterprise sector.

This exciting development follows Canva's successful integration of AI-powered design tools into its Visual Worksuite, which have seen extensive use surpassing the remarkable 3 billion usage mark within the short span since their launch.

Magic Studio is set to empower users with over 10 new AI tools. Among them, "Magic Design" stands out, it allows Canva users to effortlessly create videos, presentations, and complete designs from a single text prompt. "Magic Switch" which is another AI tool transforms designs into various formats, turns presentations into executive summaries or blog posts while offering translation into more than 100 languages.

Another AI tool "Magic Media" lets users turn text into captivating visuals, while "Gen-2" - a video generation AI model by Runway enables the creation of videos from images or text. Magic Morph and Magic Expand expands the creative horizons by offering instant transformations of colors, textures, patterns, and styles with simple prompts and the ability to salvage details outside the frame.

"Magic Grab" empowers users to select and manipulate subjects within photos. Additionally, Canva introduces "Magic Write," a copywriting assistant, which generates on-brand content tailored to the user's specific tone and style.

Canva's commitment extends to expanding its application marketplace, granting access to leading AI tools such as Dall-E, Imagen by Google Cloud, MurfAI, Soundraw, and more.

In a commitment to data transparency and creator compensation, Canva pledges $200 million over the next three years in creator and AI royalties. Creators now have the choice to opt in or out of their data being used for AI training purposes, and those who opt in will receive payments based on factors like contribution level to the content library and usage frequency.

Furthermore, Canva is introducing "Canva Shield," a comprehensive security product designed to provide organizations with trust, safety, and privacy controls. It allows administrators to manage Magic Studio products within the workplace effectively.

Canva's co-founder and chief product officer, Cameron Adams, believes that AI's democratization of design will bring positive changes to the creative landscape, levelling the playing field and fostering innovation in the creative industries. With Canva's ambitious project into the AI-driven future of design, the possibilities are boundless.


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