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ConvergeOne acquires Integration partners: Top Cloud solution provider acquisition

ConvergeOne cloud solution partner made the headline with the Integration partner's acquisition. Integration Partners is a national-level network and communication engineering service provider with an excellent reputation in the managed service market.

It has been a long time since ConvergeOne has been looking to expand its services. Finally, the opportunity came, and the company did not wait to jump on it. The brilliant move will give ConvergeOne the ability to serve more customers and have a broader presence. New England and Midwest are the first areas of expansion for ConvergeOne.

Though it is unclear how much the company paid for the acquisition, the price should be pretty high. Upon asking, ConvergeOne hesitated to answer the actual numbers, and we think it's because the amount will be paid in steps.

Integration Partners principal and co-founder David Nahabedian shined some light with his report. He spoke on behalf of ConvergeOne partners that they are 'super proud of the achievement.

The company they built from scratch to coming at an acquisition partner level is undoubtedly fascinating. 'The acquisition by ConvergeOne will be a good opportunity for growth.' It applies to both ConvergeOne and Integration Partners. Both company employees working together will bring out more fascinating results for customers.

ConvergeOne is a top tier provider for cloud led services. The business was running as usual, but the company announced the Integration Partners acquisition on Thursday. Focusing on digital infrastructure with multiple solutions under the same umbrella will boost workflow. Also, it's excellent news for customers as they won't have to find other service providers for the service Integration Partners provides.

ConvergeOne lies in Minn, Bloomington, with more than 13,000 customers. Fifty-five per cent of tit are Fortune 100 companies, and 41 per cent belong to Fortune 500. This is by far one of the heaviest portfolios for managed services and cloud-led services. No wonder it requires significant acquisitions to provide valuable service rather than opening functions from the ground up.

Services such as finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education, energy verticals are regular customers for ConvergeOne, and the company is expected to generate about $1.7 billion in sales throughout 2022.

Integration Partners speciality lies in networking cybersecurity, data centare and collaboration with other solutions. So, the company has enough expertise to have a wide array of specialists in the discussion chamber. But going under ConvergeOne's solution is something of a first.

Both companies seem to be very proud of what they achieved throughout the years, and why would they not be?

The current expansion supports a broader architecture across support moderation and collaboration process. Integration Partners were enabled of professionally managed service capabilities at the time of acquisition.

According to the reports gathered, Enterprise infrastructure moderation includes ConvergeOne's IP solutions such as C! Conversations and ONGuard. David said, "the chance to become part of ConvergeOne was too great an opportunity to pass up on."

ConvergeOne Chairman and CEO John McKenna is also pleased to be a considerable part of the announcement and said their goals are shared. Solving business challenges will boost the ergometry.

M&A Advisor and managing partner at MartinWolf, Marty Wolf, also reviewed the applicants and the acquisition. He called the solution providers pre-eminent system integration to make the service hopeful and attract more customers. As they already have their hands full with serving top tier Fortune listed companies, more will come, and the service will not be any different but better.

ConvergeOne is no #114 CRN's top 500 solution provider list as the nationwide IT services engineering firm is heavily equipped with top tier services. Their services now span across cloud, security, collaborator and core infrastructure. With the acquisition and Integration Partners' contribution evolution, more demanding services may arrive.


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