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  • Tech Journalist supports the legislation of US wide privacy

The Digital identity verification firm popularly known as has openly declared its support for all-inclusive federal privacy legislation. The latest support for the legislation bill comes from the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, who advocates his strong support for the privacy bill.

As of June this year, Tim Cook made an appearance at Capitol Hill and had some meetings with legislators. After that, he sent a letter to the US Congress asserting that US lawmakers should progress on the debated privacy legislation bill.

Apple CEO has vehemently been encouraging a new piece of legislation for years. He criticised the tech industry in 2018 for rejecting the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) spirit.

With the debate of the bill still going on in the US Senate, has shown backing for a US-wide privacy law that gives Americans extra control of their private data and dissuades data brokers from selling information for profit without approval or consent.

The principles propounded in the privacy law include informed consent for data sharing, user control of data, and data governance. stands on its support for federal privacy legislation, which would create explicit market protections for consumers, in the words of co-founder and CEO of, Blake Hall.

Blake Hall further elaborated on the need for every individual fundamental right to privacy and to have complete control over their data across organisations and websites by the identity provider of their choice. Although some issues are undone, Congress should pass legislation that gives users control and notify them of how their personal information is used.

With all the support from and Apple, the US Congress is still considering a national privacy law. The House Energy and Commerce (E&C) Committee recently introduced the American Data Privacy and Protection Act.

As the bill awaits full committee approval, there have been doubts over the bill’s exclusion guidelines for states which already have a privacy law. As said by the US Chamber of Commerce, The American Data Privacy and Protection Act, as drafted, is unworkable. We hope in the further days to come, the US Senate will agree favourably for its citizens.

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