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Kaseya CEO reveals strategic reason behind acquisition of Datto

News about Kaseya's acquisition of Datto have been making headlines for the past few months with a section of individuals and MSPs coming out to criticise the deal publicly. This has left Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola with the challenging task of reassuring all partners that Kaseya’s interests are aligned with those of Datto and that Kaseya will continue to uphold the same standards that have made Datto an industry leader.

And after months of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, Voccola finally got the perfect opportunity to reassure all involved partners during the DattoCon partner event in Washington D.C last week.

The CEO made it his top priority to assure Datto partners that the products they use, technical support they love, and community they value would not be polluted by explaining that Kaseya would invest in Datto’s products, people, support team, and partner program instead o cutting them.

His next big task was to explain to the partners the main reason for Kaseya acquiring Datto and how it would benefit them.

“What MSPs want is to spend less while doing and making more. What Kaseya wants is to sell as many of the components in its IT Complete platform to as many MSPs as possible.” Voccola explained. “Offering partners a broad array of integrated solutions at prices designed to be one-third less than comparable alternatives gets everyone what they desire,”

Voccola believes Acquiring Datto is key to making this strategy work. Moreover, with this new acquisition, Kaseya will now have more products to sell and access to a market segment they did not have before.

“We had, pre-Datto, zero presence in network infrastructure. No routers, no switches, no access points,” Vocolla noted.

Datto partners, on the other hand, benefit from reduced prices for solutions such as BDR, RMM, and PSA among others. A new rate chart went into effect at the beginning of this month and according to Kaseya, net new licenses for Datto products have gone down by 15% on average compared to before.

That said, Voccola admits that it will effort and compromises to realize the goals that Kaseya has set. “I just want to be very clear, we’re going to make mistakes. But, I think we’re going to do more things right than we do wrong,” he said.


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