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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

New video reveals significant progress in Saudi Arabia’s Neom City project

A newly released video by Neom, the planned futuristic city in Saudi Arabia, showcases significant progress in the development of this ambitious project. The video, titled "NEOM in Progress," highlights the swift development across key regions with a workforce that has doubled over the past year, now exceeding 140,000 construction workers.

Key developments highlighted in the video include:

The Line: This linear city aims to be a car-free, ultra-modern urban environment stretching 170 kilometers across northwestern Saudi Arabia. The video reveals foundation work underway, including clearing the site and preparing for construction of the city's core infrastructure.

Sindalah: Created by a famed Italian designer, this island destination is targeted to become a luxury tourism hub and compete with other top destinations like Athens and Monaco. Here, guests can expect to see a world-class yachting destination, three mega luxury hotels, a golf course, an array of restaurants, and an international luxury retail offering dubbed ‘The Village,’ which will be home to 51 luxury retail outlets.

Trojena: Nestled in the mountains, Trojena aims to be a year-round winter sports and entertainment destination. Trojena will be the first major outdoor skiing destination in the GCC and will host the 2029 Asian Winter Games – the first nation in western Asia to do so – with more than 32 countries due to participate.

Oxagon: This region is envisioned as a center for advanced and clean industries.

The video also showed progress outside the Kingdom’s borders, with new offices in London and New York designed to create global partners and business opportunities. More than 100 nationalities are now involved in NEOM’s diverse workforce, according to the video.

It also revealed that NEOM is helping develop game-changing innovations such as cell-cultured seafood, autonomous cars, electric sea gliders, and self-service e-gates at NEOM Bay Airport.

However, the project hasn’t been without challenges. Financial constraints have forced the developers to significantly reduce the size of The Line, and it was also under fire recently for forcefully evicting locals to create room for construction.

Despite these issues, the new video is evidence that the developers are determined to push forward with the project, aiming to establish a global hub for innovation, sustainability, and cutting-edge urban living. Only time can tell if Neom lives up to its ambitious vision.


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