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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Perplexity AI adds new feature to research and write reports

Perplexity AI, a leading AI-powered search platform, has introduced a new feature called "Pages,” which transforms how users conduct research and generate reports.

Pages operates by leveraging Perplexity's existing search models to gather information and create research presentations based on user prompts. You simply type in your research topic, and Pages takes care of the rest. It crawls relevant online resources, captures the needed information, structures it into a clear format, and even cites its sources.

According to Perplexity, educators can use Pages to create comprehensive learning materials or spark engaging discussions. Researchers can also benefit from Pages’ ability to quickly synthesize vast amounts of data, saving them valuable time. Even casual learners or hobbyists can use Pages to delve deeper into their areas of interest.

Perplexity offers multiple customization options for Pages. For instance, users can specify the target audience, whether it's beginners, experts, or a general audience. This allows Pages to tailor the writing style and level of detail to suit the reader's needs. Additionally, Pages incorporates visuals like images and videos to enhance the presentation of information.

However, after testing the feature out, tech journalist Emilia David says the tool has a long way to go before it can produce expert-level reports.

 “Pages does the surface-level googling and writing for you, but it isn’t research,” she wrote. “I could not upload a research paper for it to summarize, and I couldn’t edit the text it generated, two things I believe users who want to make the most of Pages would appreciate.”

According to Emilia, the tool will most likely be used by students to quickly and effortlessly generate assignments.

That said, the tool is still being developed, so there is hope for a more refined future version that hits all the right checkboxes.

Pages will be available to all Perplexity users, and the company says it’s slowly rolling it out to its free, Pro, and Enterprise users.


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