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Protection against Cyberbullies: New Scams for 2022

We all are somewhat familiar with cyber-attacks. They come in various methods and do different types of damages in accordance with the situation. We have seen many account hacks, credit card frauds, and phishing sites, email spoofing, webpage injection and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have fallen a victim to some of these or at least know someone who did. Well, we are not done yet. 2022 has stored more surprises for us.

As we are depending on tech and the internet more and more, our data is also being exported onto the servers. When these data are being stored and access on weak protection, it is prone to easy breaches. New scams are coming to light. Some of them are being implemented in product selling sites.

These sites are just storefronts with scammers on the backend. Not mentioning any names for obvious reasons. Even if you don’t buy from them, just signing up can hold you accountable for a contract. They push emails to the users in the trap and asks for payment without the service they were initially visited for. Even if you pay, debt collectors can contact you on top of the total amount. A good shopping day turned into a nightmare.

We are enjoying the benefits of the internet for a long time. Most of us can tell which one is fake 99% of the time. The unfortunate 1% is not a small number by any means.

Credit card fraud has been an issue for a long time. These dumps are being sold on the dark web in a batch and general users who got scammed get an extended bill above the paycheck. But they can’t do anything afterward. The market for credit card dumps is huge and sold in a pretty hefty way.

Network spoofing is not new but we still get affected by it. Not only public Wi-Fi broadcast is being listened to by a hacker. Many advanced ones set up a virtual hotspot around the target and it is powerful enough to let the device connect to it as a priority. The user has no idea about what’s coming. The next thing they know is a threat in the mail to leak sensitive information.

In March of 2020, Solar Wind’s Orion had a breach of security and the software is being used by many fortune 500 companies. This was a high-level threat as it was being used by many regions. Many government organisations, industries had data leaks. This number can go on in the ‘large hacks section.’ It took a long time to patch the security and recover.

Cloud vulnerability and AI poisoning or Deepfake are some of the recent issues coming to light this year and the possibility of them are only evolving. It is predicted that AI is going to take a huge leap in AI or ML. They are evolving as a part of our life and precautions should be taken by ourselves

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