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Starting our week with AWS Graviton 3 Processor at the EC2 conference, the cloud giant revealed next-generation workstation CPUs. Though AWS is a cloud company, its competitor can be the parent as the revenue stream is quite close.

CEO Adam Selipsky and DeSantis Graviton processor is 60 per cent energy efficient than the previous-gen with 2.6 GHz server-grade clock speed. DDR5 RAM with seven silicon dye chipsets made the scalable 256-bit CPU abundant with transistors. The processor has 55 billion transistors with a 2x higher float point. With the early upgrading of the AWS server workstation, we may see a great buff in the cloud operating system.

We covered two MSP sides of the story and first shared ConnectWise acquiring its number one rated marketplace app SmileBack. SmileBack is a top-tier customer feedback gatherer company that gives marking-based results to MSPs. MSPs trust the result and improve upon the feedback. From traditional statics, which MSPs gather commonly, a marking-based system gives new ways to target more extraordinary things. It is the second acquisition by ConnectWise this year. The MSP community is hopeful that it will bring greater results for the business.

Europe's $2.6 billion green hydrogen project will start production within 2025 or 2026. International Energy Agency (IEA) said, 'the steel sector is currently the largest industrial consumer of coal, which provides around 75 per cent of its energy demand.' Current hydrogen-powered plants are primarily fuelled by fossil or natural gas, not pure green energy.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, but getting pure hydrogen is the challenge as they tend to react readily with other ingredients. Pure hydrogen-powered plants are getting normalised, and the budget will uphold production 1 gigawatt capacity of electrolysis.

Alphabet Inc's Google and Meta Inc's Facebook are the top revenue earners in the advertisement scene. On Monday, the two-industry forecast said their platform and programs reached more customers than initial statics, giving a massive bump in revenue margin.

Even in the pandemic times, where other services were crippled due to workforce shortage, advertisement reached so many customers that it broke previous years records. Zenith estimated 15.6 per cent revenue growth for the year, breaking expectations. Though supply chain disruptions caused products to take longer to hit shelves, advertisement investment carried on. In 2022, it is estimated 9 per cent initial growth in the industry will be visible in revenue.

In the UK, Uber may cost up to 20 per cent more than the usual fees as Federal Court said drivers would be treated as contractors rather than workers. Like the passenger making a contract with the private hire companies to give them a service, the drivers will be able to do the same. It will result in greater pay. There has been a shortage of private hires and cab drivers, and companies in recent times, and a court ruling is trying to fix it. Uber and other private hires are taking most of the profit, leaving the drives with a smaller pay scale, which is not enough.Drives said they feel more comfortable doing deliveries than carrying passengers as it pays well and there is no human interaction.

Graphics chipmaker and artificial intelligence (AI) giant NVidia long acquired British chip designer company ARM. At Tech News hub, we shared the news, read the full story to get the whole idea. The European Commission slapped legislation and regulatory filings towards the acquisition and US tech companies and other large tech firms. They think NVidia acquiring ARM will cripple the current supply chain, which is too great to mess with. Nvidia promised to keep the supply chain intact and improve more than it already is. ARM has business in many countries and companies; the supply chain is too great to control one company. But with NVidia's growth over the years, its chain of command brings far fetching ideas to reality.

Our last story of the week was for Tesla, dropping its share price in the bear market. The bear market territory is when stock prices fall below 20 per cent. Former staff on quality control was the whistleblower of Tesla's solar panel business. He reported that the solar panels could fire hazard elements, and the company did not inform the regulators and stockholders. The employee fired a long time ago. Even SEC didn't comment on the matter, but later the stock prices fell back to normal.

This sums up our Tech News Hub Weekly Roundup. Stay tuned to find out more exciting news around the globe.


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