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Dear readers welcome to another segment of Tech News Hub weekly roundup. As usual, we would like to keep you informed on the move. Our weekly roundup is ideal for you to receive and share the most UpToDate information on global IT, MSP, and tech news. Also, if you haven't signed up for our resource library, please do so to find more exciting information.

Starting our weekly roundup, West Midlands has been named the year's fastest-growing tech hub in the UK. IT channels and companies' decision-makers joined Birmingham Tech Week, a digital, technology and innovation festival and government hubs, to declare recent ongoing matters in tech. The event was sponsored by Goldman Sachs HSBC and other big names. According to papers, diversity is prioritised here as West Midlands is the most successful tech hub, and more cities follow the status as a role model.

We covered Netflix's recent hit "Squid Game" that broke records in the US, UK and overall, globally. Director and writer Hwang Dong-hyuk circled ten years for entertainment hubs to publish or fund the show, but no 'one did. Netflix being diverse in its options and recent interest in adopting Asian culture interested the company. The show became a box office hit with 111 million people streaming at the premiere.

The Heng Seng Tech Index rebound hit an all-time high with a 5.2% increase in stream carelessly vs Chinese regulation around food delivery giant Meituan. For creating domestic dominance on the market, the company was fined, and it's not the first time the regulatory board brought the crackdown. A $534 million antitrust fine is slapped to delivery giant Meituan. Ridesharing platforms, private tuition, online gaming and a few other sectors are under strict moderator regulations.

We're excited to bring you news on the global methane emission challenge. Led by the EU and US, 20 other countries joined for global methane pact. The goal is to reduce 30% methane emission by 2030. If methane and carbon emissions are not tackled, we could see another bump in temperature, causing irreversible damage to our planet. Our planet is suffering from harsh conditions for human-created issues, and the Global Methane Pledge invites more countries to join the mission.

Another Online Safety Bill is on its way in the UK for online content moderation and security. UK minister of Digital and Culture Department (DCMS) talked about the "gold standard" of online safety with regulations around tech. He also mentioned startups are easy for moderation, but the more we try to bring big tech under law, there is always another sector that goes unseen. A formidable and applicable set of rules are required.

One of our stories covered the hardware section of computing. The worlds fourth-largest DRAM manufacture Taiwan based company, Nanya Technology Corporation, predicted price "correction" coming later this year (4Q21) with reduced prices for memory. It could be good news for consumers as they'll be getting cheap devices if the memory price is reduced, but stakeholders and investors are not happy about the incident. Almost every type of electronic device nowadays comes with a memory chip, and with the new DDR5 on the horizon, it's looking pretty optimistic for the memory sector of computing.

Tech News Hub MSP stories covered diversity in employees in the IT sector. Tech News Boston, in a monthly assessment, said, "MSPs of all sizes hire fast to ensure that another company doesn't take a talented candidate" and "at worse, a competitor." As diversity in our media consumption grew, the need for talented and experienced personnel also grew. MSPs always keep a close eye on the latest tech, and new talent comes very often. It is necessary to have vacant space to grab talented individuals wherever there is a diverse culture for the fulfilment of the employment sector.

We hope to bring you more exciting news next week and till then if you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact us.


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