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Another session of Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup is here, packed with the latest news on tech, cybersecurity, business, service providers and more. This week Elon Musk sold $8.5 billion worth of Tesla shares (again) to cope with the budget after buying Twitter for $43 billion. The largest eCommerce business Amazon reports a loss in online sales. Let's go through the highlights of last week's tech news.

We are starting our week with Alibaba joining LCPP by pledging nine patents. These nine patents vary from data centre energy to other forms of emission saving plans. Alibaba is an enormous company with thousands of employees and warehouses. The company will play a massive role in showing the direction to other companies in the country and the world. Alibaba founder Jack Ma has even bigger plans for the business empire. And making it eco-friendly gives a fair idea of how global organisations are coming together to save our planet.

Our second story showcased Accenture's shopping spree of six companies in a single month. Accenture is listed as number one of the top 500 managed service providers (MSPs) and has an extensive portfolio. In this article, we shared purchases made by the company in detail. Accenture has bought approximately 225 companies since 2013, and last month, they spent more than $50 billion to acquire six new services. It added 25,000 employees to Accenture's 700,000-strong skilled workforce.

Newer tech from global giants always comes packed with exciting features. The IBM Watson Orchestrate is one of them. The AI-based SaaS software was announced a year back, where it was showcased at the Think Conference. The tool takes in the role of virtual employees and frees workers to take on more critical tasks. It indeed handles them like a champ, from business automation to scheduling up the calendar to sending a proposal to other business partners—more on our full story.

Another Israeli spyware, Pegasus news, made headlines on the cybersecurity side of things. Pegasus is used in tracking down Jordan activists and journalists. Proper details are in our main story. If you've been with Tech News Hub long enough, it is safe to say you read about Pegasus now and then. Even though the spyware founders say they are used by government and military essentials only, we have news that says different. A few months back

Our fifth story discusses the issue of solving tech skills in 2022. This story talked about training procedures, implementing onsite training, and deploying tools against the crisis. It is essential to train employees to fight ongoing cybercrimes properly, and many of our readers who are into tech should benefit from it. Check the entire story to learn more about onsite training for IT firms and organisations.

The Internet sector is nowhere close to where we expected it to be, but it exceeded expectations. If we think submarine cables passing through vast oceans and being constantly maintained is fascinating, what would we say about satellite internet? SpaceX's satellite internet reaches the most remote part of the globe, which is physically impossible for cables to run. In accordance, SpaceX landed its first aviation customer, JSX. JSX, a semi-private airline, will equip 100 of its aircraft with Starlink receivers, and upon successful integration, it will expand.

Our ending story of the week at Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup covers Strider Technologies' $45 million Series-B funding. Strider tech was formed by brothers and Alumni of Utah State University. They developed the first subscription-based SaaS software tool for businesses and organisations. In a few years, the company saw tremendous growth and success. The partnership also received $5 million in a grant. It was funded by Utah State University's Center for Anticipatory Intelligence (CAI) and Utah Valley University's Center for National Security Studies (CNSS) members. Large industry partners also showed up. Foretem Tech, FireEye, AgilePQ, Adobe, Space Dynamics Laboratory and Northrop Grumman.

Check out our last week's Tech News Hub: Weekly News Roundup.


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