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This week, BSA kicked multiple holes in India's Infosec reporting rules. Along with Russia favouring Evil Corp's Software-as-a-Service even though the sanction against it by the US government was placed four years back. For those Harley-Davidson fans, the company is restarting its production line again. It is something that excites many of us. We also covered some of the most interesting global tech news this week.

After 14 years of servicing Meta as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sheryl Sandberg is stepping down this fall. Her post will be handled by Javier Olivan, who will report directly to the CEO. Mark was 23, while Sheryl was 38 when she joined Meta. Coming from one of the leading positions at Google to working at a startup was indeed challenging. But the company has come a long way. Of course, it was a bumpy ride, but when your business partner is one of your closest friends, there is no challenge that you can't overcome.

Sheryl and Mark's friendship is something like that. Both CEO and COO shared long posts on their socials with impacts made by each other at personal and professional levels. Check our full story to learn more about the insider changes of the company and how it affects related individuals. Leading positions at companies such as Meta is responsible for the decisions that impact billions of users and business forefronts worldwide.

Asia Tech x Singapore is the major tech event for Asia "where technology intersects with society and the digital economy." It is organised by IMDA and is by invitation only. The ATxSG conversation in Singapore will bring business, tech, and government leaders that help reshape our digital future. Those of us who visit events like this know how important it is to make new connections. The program is packed with essential people who are vital speakers and is a great gathering for opportunities.

Columbus, Ohio, is sourcing huge venture capital funds to transform the central tech hub of the Midwest. The Center point of the Olentangy and Scioto rivers has a rocky surface. On that is building up the upcoming tech central hub. Venture capitalists are injecting billions of dollars into the area. Ohio State University is one of the top educational institutes globally, giving out talented human resources to help the establishment.

Large companies like Facebook and Amazon have already set their print on the map. Though Intel came late with a promise of 3,000 employment in two separate chip factories and other job positions, it is turning out to be quite a transformative event. Startups funded three or four years back in this area are already worth multi-billion dollars, bringing in more opportunities. We talked a lot more than funding in our main story, which you should give a read.

Apple is pretty known for its security in iOS devices even though Zero-day vulnerabilities and Pegasus spyware target them primarily. The regulatory practice by the European Union (EU) to open App Store privacy for developers to use third-party sources is delayed by Apple. According to some cybersecurity experts and the CEO, Apple's standalone policy is why devices are so secure. We also think they are, but having multiple ways to source files should be the essential capability those expensive devices can give in a free world.

The crypto market is down yet another two weeks after we last reported. The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange platform finally finished its delisting of BUSD based Terra Luna to Luna Classic and Luna 2.0. Yet the market hasn't recovered. Billions of funding are lost as a result. Powerful government bodies are banning crypto exchange programs as people are losing lives savings. Without the advice from a financial advisor, please do not invest in any cryptocurrency unless you're ready to lose it. BTC holds the string of pulling all other altcoins and even Ethereum. Even the BTC value is at a critical margin.

One of the world's leading managed service providers (MSP), ConnectWise, made changes to its high calibre roles. Todd Hale will be joining the board of executives as the new CIO for ConnectWise. Todd was the former Office Depot Exec and later concentrated on the managed services space. CEO Jason Magee welcomed "Todd and Ciaran" to the executive team.

Ciaran Chu will be serving as the general manager of ConnectWise Control, helping to enhance the customer support experience and innovation space. On the other hand, Todd oversees the integration management office, business transformation, project management office, internal and external IT, business application and systems, data services, and other core business sections. Please read our full story to learn more about the changes.

Our final story covered a leaked mail from Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc., diving into the return-to-office debate on Twitter. He reportedly sent mails to the electric-car manufacturer's executive staff on Tuesday. In response to a tweet questioning the plan, he suggested that employees who do not wish to return to work for at least 40 hours per week "pretend to work elsewhere." Thousands of Tesla employees in Shanghai have been effectively quarantined for the past few months, forced to work in shifts that last for 12 hours, six days a week.

Tesla's CEO praised Chinese employees for "burning the 3 am oil." Thousands of employees have been effectively trapped for months, working 12-hour shifts six days a week.

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