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Welcome to our weekly news roundup, where we highlight our week's top stories. We started the week with stories of a Cybersecurity flaw that Google noticed in the Google Chrome web browser and Chromium-based equivalents, which could allow malicious web pages to automatically replace clipboard content by accessing them without requesting user approval or involvement. Despite the seriousness of the problem and the likely misuse by malicious actors, Google is already aware of the issue, and a solution is planned to be provided soon.

Small, medium, and large organisations and marketing channels are adopting digital technology with the goal of this adaptation and implementing it to improve effectiveness, value, and innovation. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are retooling their business models and adding more intelligent instrumentation to capitalise on new Everything-as-a-Service revenue streams and digital transformation investments.

We also discussed Focus Cloud, a company that specialises in IT recruitment which purchased Cognitive Group, a Microsoft recruitment business. According to the organisations, the new Focus Cloud Group will focus on employing staff across significant cloud platforms like Microsoft, Workday, SAP, Salesforce, and ServiceNow, as well as the health sciences and cybersecurity sectors. The Cognitive team is eager to support our clients, candidates' future growth aspirations, and the new Focus Cloud Group. They have all done an outstanding job, especially during the challenges of the last three years.

Next, we wrote about the event at VMware Explore 2022, where VMware and IBM announced their new expanded partnership that aims to help global clients and partners modernise mission-critical workloads and expedite time to value in hybrid cloud environments. These two companies hold similar views about the future of hybrid clouds; their expansion of the co-development relationship doesn't surprise some.

On the aspect of the IT sector, We discussed the Internet of Things which is all about power, collecting and recycling the energy required to conduct wireless communications anytime and anywhere. The advancement of the Internet of Things to run on Its power has been accepted as engineers have developed a platform allowing everything to be connected through a structure that absorbs existing RF energy, decreases power usage to nanowatts, and reacts when the energy becomes available.

In the world of Cybersecurity, some computer hackers stole and copied some reports from the BBC News website. The computer hackers created a false news website to collect information from officials from the Australian government, journalists, and other people. All the victims involved were sent emails that seemed to be from Australian news organisations, including links to illegal websites. The attack appeared to target individuals working in the energy sector.

Our last story discussed Managed Service Providers (MSP) taking the courageous step of attending to their customer's needs as the pandemic struck. They embraced innovation and grew their businesses despite COVID-19. Notable Manage Service Providers took it as an opportunity to speed up digital transformation initiatives.

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