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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our week's top stories. Out first storied centred around the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk unveiling his futuristic robot to the world at the Tesla AI Day event on 30th September to an eager audience at Tesla’s office in Palo Alto. We had anticipated for over a year what the Tesla Bot would look like and as far as the audience at the unveiling of the Tesla Optimus Bot it was far from a completed project.

Imagine being on a Zoom call with a person that looks and talks like your CEO but is not your CEO. In our top story experts have raised concerns over the growing risk that deepfake technology poses to business security and are calling for steps to be taken to prevent escalation.

But let’s not forget all the benefits brought about by AI. Members of the public have reason to celebrate after OpenAI announced that Dall-E, their AI text-to-image platform would now be open to members of the public. However, whether or not the platform succeeds remains to be seen. The text-to-image sector has been growing rapidly this year and there are already multiple companies offering the service.

In our other top article we looked at how MSPs can leverage automation to wade through these tough economic times and come out victorious. Yes, that’s another field where AI is making a big impact.

Arm co-founder Hermann Hauser was at the Bloomberg technology summit and one point he raised was that the UK is not yet in a position to become technologically reliant and it’s a bit concerning. The entrepreneur pointed out some areas where the government is going wrong, explaining that the country needs to create local access to critical technologies before it’s too late.

Perhaps to retaliate Hermann’s point in our story above, a recent report shows that the European cloud market is currently being dominated by US companies with AWS, Microsoft, and Google taking up almost three quarters of revenue in the market.

In another top story, Microsoft is warning users to be careful when interacting with recruiters on LinkedIn as they could end up being victims of a North Korean cyber gang. The gang poses as recruiters on LinkedIn, gains the trust of the user and uses different types of open source software to try and gain access to the victim’s computer.

And in our last story, ESET announced that they have launched an MSP version of ESET Inspect Cloud that they are positive will help more MSPs deliver better services to their clients at an affordable cost. The news were followed with another announcement that ESET had also launched an integration plugin for Kaseya VSA RMM platform to add to already existing plugins for other major RMM providers such as Datto and ConnectWise.


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