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Welcome to our weekly news roundup, where we highlight our week's top stories. We started the week with cybercriminals who targeted the two 0-day Exchange Server via a loophole found in the unpatched Exchange Servers. Exploiting 2 New MS Exchange Server 0-Day created an entry for the attackers.

Also, in the world of Cybersecurity, a recent phishing attack against the spirit Agent Tesla RAT is being distributed by the malware creator Quantum Builder. Quantum Builder is a customisable tool that attackers can use to create malicious shortcut files. The Quantum Builder has been used in a recent campaign against several businesses to build malware payloads for cyberattacks, the most recent of which is this Agent Tesla effort.

We also further discussed the choice between the Google model and the Apple model and choosing the manufacturer and model of your next car in years to come. Almost a dozen automakers and auto-parts suppliers are utilising the open-source Android Automotive operating system. Apple has also announced that the next emphasis of CarPlay is starting with vehicles that will be sold in 2023, with more than a dozen launch partners.

Next, we wrote about the incapability of the internet as some machines get confused over names containing either hyphens, apostrophes, letters, numbers, or hyphens not commonly used in English texts. Some names might be too short or long for old technology. Some technology companies have started making adjustments to prevent such problems.

There are a lot of expectations from the 5G network as it's to bring in a new era of connectivity. In India, the 5G services will cut across 13 cities later this year. The target for India is to have 5G across the country. The 5G movement is here, and it's the latest network and internet connectivity generation.

Enterprise AI/machine learning technologies are increasingly used by businesses in today's world to offer positive business results. It shows a significant increase in management costs, maintenance complexity, and risk exposure for many businesses that choose to keep operating their infrastructure. AI Cloud's complete functionality is extended by giving each client access to a managed, dedicated instance of the DataRobot platform running in the cloud.

Our last story discussed the acquisition of F1 solutions by Meriplex, a supplier of managed technology solutions. As Meriplex strives to become the top MSP in the country that places a premium on a fantastic customer experience, F1 has a strong reputation for providing service excellence to its clients in the area.

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