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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week.

To begin with, it was a good week in the fight against cybercrime as Interpol successfully recovered over 130 million worth of stolen virtual assets and arrested hundreds of cyber attackers. It’s the third such operation that the police agency has carried out in less than two years.

And while still on security, sensitive departments in the UK government have been directed to stop using CCTV cameras from companies with affiliations to China as they pose a current and future threat to the UK government. The directive which originated from the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster does not mention specific companies but there are two companies that have been attracting criticism recently with certain politicians calling for their ban.

Moving on to business news, Bechtle continued with their Europe expansion strategy after it announced the acquisition of UK-based IT services firm ACS Systems. The two businesses have collaborated on projects before but will now be working as a single unit in an effort to offer more value to their customers.

In more hot news, Google and Apple have found themselves under the spotlight of the UK’s competition watchdogs after a study revealed that the two companies may be engaging in unethical competition by leveraging their dominance. The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has announced an inquiry on the matter with a promise to take corrective measures to ensure fair play in the market.

In another story, we wrote about how Singapore is enjoying the fruits of cloud migration after its hosting costs were reduced by half. The man tasked with overseeing digital migration in the government said it wouldn’t have been possible without some strategic collaborations.

Then moving on to MSP news, Datto has begun fulfilling promises it made during the Dattocon Partner event in September. It has officially started an EDR solution as part of its IT offering.

To conclude Jason Beal was announced as the person to take over the position of VP of worldwide partner ecosystems at Barracuda. Beal is a veteran in the Channel industry and many partners are confident that he can revamp Barracuda’s Partner program and help take the company to new heights.

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