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Welcome to our weekly news roundup where we highlight our top stories of the week. The week started off with how most companies struggle to implement the quality and talent required to successfully adopt appropriate governance models, data collection, and generative AI models. AWS Partners with Hugging Face for cheaper generative AI deployment for it's products and AWS customers can adapt and fine-tune the technology to their business needs.

Nvidia extends its AI goal to the cloud further expanded its cloud offerings with the launch of its AI platform, which provides a suite of tools for building and deploying AI applications in the cloud. Nvidia is also working to make its cloud-based AI solutions more accessible to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

ChatGPT is an online tool only available on and does not currently offer mobile or desktop apps for any operating system. Fake ChatGPT apps used by hackers to penetrate android and windows malware have been discovered as a move created the conditions for attackers to capitalize on the tool's popularity by promising uninterrupted free access to premium ChatGPT.

There is an ongoing malware campaign that targets YouTube and Facebook users, hijacking social media accounts and infecting computers with new information about who use the devices to mine cryptocurrency. S1deload Stealer malware attacks Facebook and YouTube accounts as victims are tricked into infecting their system by themselves through social engagements and comments on his Facebook page where he distributes adult themed archives.

The past two years have been a period of rapid growth and expansion as a company and reflecting an increase in global headcount of approximately 250 people. Chipper Cash executes second round of layoffs as it is to reduce costs during tough times for private and public technology companies in the world.

Furthermore, we discussed how the combination of cloud experts, cloud and security tools and proven methodologies and processes is built to implement mid- to enterprise-level requirements for operational and strategic readiness. InterVision expands operations for Mid-Market Organizations as InterVision's new features, offers dedicated 24/7 support by level 2 and level 3 cloud engineers for server-based, serverless container-based and DevOps automation and tooling.

Our last story featured cybersecurity became more prevalent, many businesses realized they lacked skilled IT professionals as well as secure IT infrastructure. As a result of these factors, the MSP industry experienced unprecedented growth, as they became IT experts in all functional areas, including trial, installation, training, management, support, maintenance, and upgrades. It is advised to use End-to-End Network as it Allows MSPs to Bring More Value to Their Customers.

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