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Starting our Tech News Hub weekly roundup with Tesla price fell up to 16 per cent when CEO Elon Musk made a Twitter poll on wheatear, he should sell some of his shares, and more 57.9 per cent agreed to do so. Once the results were in, Mr Musk sold 10 per cent of his shares directly to the stock market. The price of those shares totalled up to $5 billion after taking a hit on price. Tesla is the worlds leading electric car manufacturing company, and its CEO also owns SpaceX that makes reusable rockets. Mr Musk became the worlds richest man pretty quickly as the stock price rose 150 per cent from last year. Thought the owner received controversy on tax issues along with his brothers and board members. This selling of shares seemed like a way of paying those tax dollars.

Apple had a fantastic launch event with their new generation product line up among which the iPhone series receives the most attention. Truly the series received great updates from its predecessor with a high refresh OLED display, bigger battery, in house A15 bionic chip. But the issue happened when users realised they couldn't change the display without Apple's consent, in other words, their authorised service sensors. A chip has been attached to the display that matches the device, and at the time of faulty display change, it disables Face ID. Face ID is crucial for device security, and indie service centres said it becomes too costly and inefficient to fix the devices. Apple said they would roll out a software update to bring a solution to the table.

The Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) revealed an annual crime threat report that published ransomware attackers, current stats, and the criminal division to tackle the issue. The European IOCTA is working with Bitfinder to develop the 'No More Ransom Website' protocol. REvil/ Sodinokibi is liable for many large attacks over the years, and the US also is trying to tackle the issue in any way possible. The European Union listed the business interaction with such ransomware agents and stated locations of suspects of the attacks caught by different countries law enforcement agencies.

Toshiba is one of the popular names for storage technology, among many others, and now is abandoning a single company model. The company will be divided into different sections. Thus we called it 'Threeshiba.' The Security Trade Control Policy Division gave the company decision-makers the green signal as they are on the right track. Throughout the pandemic, the company managed to keep the supply flow of their various lines of products, including storage tech production.

US President Joe Biden kept his ban on Chinese telecommunications network companies, and now the board also chose the same fate for them. It's like a forever clash between China and European companies regarding security issues, product distribution and a few other channels. The telecommunication network is a major sector in revenue for the government; people's privacy should also be respected. Five companies, including Huawei, ZTE, Hytera Communications Corp, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co and Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co, are now barred from conducting similar services or setting up network equipment until further notice.

Nvidia recently hosted their yearly GTC Fall 2021 summit and a set of announcements being made for their upcoming technology, innovation and security essentials. Nvidia is largely known for its dominance of its graphics chip with competitor AMD. A wide array of products such as premium software solutions, improved network interfaces, GDDR6 memory, low power consumption modules, and more is discussed. Check our full story to learn more.

In our managed service provider (MSP) section, a brief story was highlighted for World Wide Technology (WWT). WWT will be hiring more than a thousand new employees to cope with demand. According to CEO Jim Kavanaugh, the company is bringing $13.4 billion annual revenue and is now thinking of acquiring, putting our ending remark here. Thanks for sticking to Tech News Hub for your regular tech news consumption.


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