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$15 million reward by the US government for Conti Gang leader’s whistleblower

Eventually, The US government initiated the step to eliminate the Conti gang, prompting malicious malfunctions in current days. The reward amount is 15 million US dollars, and it is applicable for identifying not only the leader of this group but also any general member who is serving the group.

The US government notified the order and reward amount on 6 of the following month. It is noteworthy that till now, the Conti gang’s offenders have committed cybercrimes, and the number of victims has crossed 1000 civilians. After that, a rough estimation says the cyber miscreants surpassed around 150 million US dollars. Although the counting is still in progress, it will soon be revealed.

According to several reports, the Conti Gang is one of the two genres of ransomware that has crushed the cyberethics in 2020. The well-known Lockbit 2.0 and Conti’s responsibly undertaken around 69% of total attacks. A few days earlier, the point was on the citizens of Costa Rica and the government. According to the US journals, it interrupted the routine shuffles of customs and tax platforms with significant damage to international trade. They also added that the Conti gang disrupted some other government officials and confidential sites, and eventually, the government of Costa Rica had compelled a state of emergency.

For a long while, the US government has been heading towards the prime root of this Conti gang, and it is observed by the initiation of rewarding 15 million US dollars. And, the speaker of the state department avowed it so that it could cover the further unexpected attacks on victims and civilians. Moreover, he also stated the intention to enhance the justice and enrichment of the mutual attachment with other nations.

The Conti gang is maintaining the orthodox formula to hook up the victims. They are spreading the malicious content with an email to the users, and eventually, the users’ single click does the rest. For several years, this gang has been using this manner to turn a civilian into a victim. And till now, they have reached all over the US, New Zealand, Ireland and many other countries. After hacking the Health Service Executive of Irelands, the demand was $20 million US dollars, around 4 to 5 times larger than building a new Health Service. After that, they found no consent from the government regarding this.

The Conti offenders generally disrupt the overall system of an individual. Afterwards, the extortion method starts with threatening the individual that either they will disclose the confidential files to the public or sell the data. Moreover, they overwrite the data, which are beyond 2 MB, and as a result, the victim becomes unable to retrieve the data from the attackers. Eventually, no option becomes left rather than paying the attackers.

A suspect who belongs to Ukraine as a citizen is a member of this group. Recently he is revealing the data regarding the group and the working mechanism of Conti. Unexpectedly, he also included Twitter chats in his speech. Finally, the researchers found and clustered all the information that Conti captured. This list included passwords, names, transaction data and how the group targeted and set the aim to threaten the victim.

After the rewarding process, the US government came to capture REvil and found the way quite efficient. Therefore, they applied the same method to the capturing process of Conti. They split the total amount of $15 million, which was $10 million US dollars for revealing the crucial information like identification about the location and leader, and $5 million for leading the arrest procedure.


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