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Alphabets new startup Intrinsic commercialising industrial robot programs

70 per cent of the world's technological goods are manufactured by just 10 countries. These countries produce industrial-grade robots and software tools. These production houses manufacture robots and software that makes everything cars, solar panels, you name it. Intrinsic is created by Googles parent company Alphabet as a program to commercialise robots. As a result, millions of businesses, developers and entrepreneurs will have sufficient access to more technology.

Wendy Tan-White was also a creator who took the idea of building websites in the early 90s when tech was not as abundant as today. But her idea and movement helped many brilliant minds to be inspired in the venture.

For this experience Alphabet made her the leader of a new platform. Industrial robots are not available everywhere yet. This makes production much costly for the companies that use automation and tools with robotics. Some fields of work are not safe and efficient for regular humans anymore and this is where robots come in handy. They make the job easy and quick on production schedule commercially. Intrinsic will help programming robots easier. The project initially started from Google’s X research group. Later it transformed to a sole innovative platform after statical hope towards a new future.

It is not easy to program industrial robots. Manual programming cripples production time and it is not perfect. Though some robots are easier to program as they scratch the surface of a product, others need situational awareness and environmental statics. And programming these can be quite difficult.

Just a few years ago when artificial intelligence and machine learning was still in development. We dint know what could bring a change to our view towards technology in the way it is. Currently, healthcare and automation can blindly follow them. Though manual human check is required to perfect the task.

Artificial intelligence helps robots to learn from data and perform efficiently. There is also deep learning which uses neural networks. They dictate over the data perfected by machine learning and used them for improved workflow or accurate results. This initiative influenced the company to not only work with machine learning and artificial intelligence but also to use a neural network. Which can be an even bigger thing.

Robots can now work on projects with, 1/1000th times smaller than human hair, we are talking about silicon wafers and computer chips. The more companies can afford and access these fine pieces of machinery and tools, the more can start benefitting from them. The neural network can help recognise slightest movements and adjust pressure accordingly by comparing simulation and real-life environments. It is quite fascinating if we think about it and this kind of technology already exists in many parts of the world. But there is more opportunity to create new things if these techs are available to everyone.

Intrinsic wants robots to apply programs from the program they were built with and improve upon that. It will remove the hassle of reprogramming every robot from scratch and will certainly be more efficient. Five years passed since Google X started developing the program as a beta in a smaller version.

Finally, it came out as a full-fledged company to work and improve upon robotics. Redwood Robotics was acquired by Google in 2013 where they made robotic camera systems. Their developed robot can sort recycling waste at this state. It may sound simple but judging on various formats of recycling materials is quite amazing.

Though robots can be acquired or purchased, programming them is something else. And the methodology behind it dint change too much. Hundreds of hours are spent on developing programs, glueing or fixing them inadequate places. Even some parts remain under-utilised because there can be a missed code that dint pick up a sensor.

The newly graduated company is now looking forward to gaining new partners from the automotive, healthcare and electronic industries. Chances are what they are already using, there will be a better update with time. The company also has world-renowned AI and robotics experts and innovators. Intrinsic is also actively hiring passionate minds that want to devote themselves to the sector.


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