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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Aquila Clouds and DataGenie team up to launch a Cloud Cost Management AI chatbot

Aquila Clouds, a leader in cloud financial management, has announced a new tool: ChatGenie. Developed in collaboration with DataGenie, the AI-powered assistant allows users to easily query their cloud data, request reports, and receive insightful information through a natural conversation interface.

"ChatGenie goes beyond traditional analytics tools," explained Suchit Kaura, Co-Founder and CEO of Aquila Clouds. "It provides contextual insights that simplify complex cloud financial data. This integration of AI with our FinOps platform enhances user experience and delivers actionable intelligence. Businesses can now make informed decisions with greater ease than ever before."

Karthikeyan Muthukumar, Founder and CEO of DataGenie, elaborated on the technology behind ChatGenie. "It utilizes advanced AI techniques to analyze cloud consumption data autonomously. ChatGenie identifies key insights and presents them as actionable data stories, revolutionizing cloud management decision-making."

ChatGenie is available as an add-on to the Aquila Clouds FinOps platform. It promises to improve operational efficiency and provide deeper insights for businesses managing complex cloud environments.

About Aquila Clouds

Aquila Clouds offers cloud financial management solutions for managed service providers, cloud resellers, and enterprises. Their platform helps organizations optimize cloud costs and performance, monitor and optimize cloud deployments, and automate billing operations.

By leveraging data analytics and AI/ML, Aquila Clouds' FinOps and BillOps solutions have delivered significant results, including over 20% cost savings and a reduction in billing operation time by up to 82%.

About DataGenie

DataGenie is a leader in Decision Intelligence recognized in multiple Gartner reports. DataGenie is trusted by businesses to deliver easy-to-understand and actionable data insights autonomously, ensuring they unlock the full potential of their vast & complex data assets cost-effectively.


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