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China plans to have humanoid robots on a large scale by 2025

China has released some set of guidelines at advancing the field of humanoid robotics, with the goal of achieving mass production within two years.

The vision outlined in these guidelines is to establish a robust innovation system for humanoid robots by the year 2025. This initiative specifically focuses on making significant advancements in critical technologies related to the "brain, cerebellum, and limbs" to ensure the secure and efficient supply of essential components.

The guidelines have been published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and explained the government's strategic plans. Among these plans, there is an effort to nurture two to three ecological enterprises that will wield substantial global influence, as reported by the state-run China Daily newspaper.

Additionally, the government intends to combine the growth of two to three industrial development clusters and to support a group of specialized small and medium-sized enterprises. These combined efforts aim to position China as a global hub for advanced robotics in the next two years.

Prior to the World Robot Conference held in Beijing in August, the MIIT declared its commitment to boosting innovation in the robotics sector. The emphasis lies on fostering higher-quality development and encouraging collaborative research efforts.

Officials have stressed their intention to take "accelerated" measures to establish a collaborative innovation system within the robotics industry chain, promoting cooperation among various robot firms in their research and development endeavors.

Moreover, ensuring the stability of the supply chain and seamless integration into the global supply chain system for robots stands as a top priority for the MIIT.

Noteworthy Chinese companies involved in the development of general-purpose humanoid robots include Fourier Intelligence, based in Shanghai, and UBTECH, headquartered in Shenzhen. These firms play a pivotal role in advancing the field of humanoid robotics in China.


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