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Collaboration between Amazon and Kyndryl pushes mainframe modernization

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Kyndryl are leading entities in the realm of cloud computing and technology solutions. AWS, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a global cloud services provider, offering a comprehensive suite of computing power, storage, and other functionalities to businesses and individuals. Kyndryl focuses on delivering innovative solutions, including cloud services, to meet the evolving needs of businesses. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Kyndryl have joined forces to enhance services to enterprises looking to integrate or transition mainframe applications and data to the AWS cloud. In this collaboration, Kyndryl integrates its products with AWS's Mainframe Modernization service, which facilitates the migration of mainframe applications to the cloud. 

This AWS service includes a managed runtime environment for refactored or replatformed mainframe applications, automating capacity provisioning, security, load balancing, scaling, and application-health monitoring.

Kyndryl, in turn, introduces its Cloud Native Services (KCNS) package, facilitating mainframe modernization by streamlining lifecycle management and ensuring consistent provisioning, backup, compliance, and monitoring. 

This collaboration also focuses on offering tools to assist customers in automating and streamlining the mainframe modernization process, including integration and management of app development, security, and operations (Dev/Sec/Ops).

Additionally, the partnership enables near real-time data replication between the mainframe and AWS, enhancing analytical insights. Kyndryl's Bridge integration platform is leveraged for this migration service, utilizing AI and ML to analyze data in real time and provide IT operations teams with intelligence and visibility.

The demand for mainframe migration services is growing, with the market expected to reach approximately $1 billion by 2030, driven by the evolving technology landscape, lower operational costs, and digital transformation. Gartner notes the continued significance of mainframes in enterprise environments, emphasizing the need to strategically place critical workloads for optimal efficiency.

As part of their collaboration, AWS and Kyndryl establish the Kyndryl and AWS Innovation Factory, aiming to accelerate the development of ML and AI applications for customers. The co-development environment leverages data and expertise from both companies to speed up the modernization of ERP systems and other applications on AWS, reducing costs and complexities. 


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