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Dell expands Apex options after new major partnerships

Dell has announced that it will be expanding its Apex-as-a-service portfolio to include more cloud compatibility, storage, data management tools and PC subscription options. The announcement was made during Dell’s Tech World event in Las Vegas last week.

Customers will now have more public cloud options to choose from after the company partnered with Microsoft and Red Hat.

The vendor also announced the release of Apex Navigator, which helps data mobility, storage and container management across multi-cloud environments.

Dell also announced the launch of PC-as-a-service that will provide computer hardware as a subscription model. Customers can lease the hardware for 1-5 years and scale up or down when necessary. Speaking on the new offering, Dell said that customers using PCaaS would need the help desk 50% less and save about 30% in support costs.

“Our customers continue to look for a simpler technology experience to easily manage and access their assets and applications with predictable costs and greater flexibility,” said Chuck Whitten, co-chief operating officer at Dell Technologies. “That’s where Dell Apex comes in. Now, Dell Apex spans the breadth of our portfolio to give customers greater freedom for technology to support businesses as their needs dictate – from PCs and IT on-premises to public clouds and edge locations.”

Subscription models were already becoming popular due to their flexible payment options but have become even more popular with the economic crisis resulting from covid-19. Dell has taken the opportunity to fill in this gap as seen with the recent announcements.

“Organisations are looking to streamline their IT environments so that data and applications can live in the right place to deliver the most value for their businesses,” said Matthew Eastwood, senior vice president at IDC. “Dell Technologies has delivered a significant expansion of its Dell Apex portfolio that creates commonality between public cloud and on-premises environments to simplify workload placement.”

Dell Apex was created in 2020 after the company put all its as-a-service offerings into one unit, a smart move that has seen rapid growth in Dell’s customer base as more people switch to the subscription model.


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