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Dell Innovations protects its data against Cyberattacks

Organisations may feel reluctant to admit it, but they suffer from disasters like cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are at the forefront of disasters, accounting for nearly half of all disasters organisations face.

The growth of cyber threats has created a struggle to find solutions to better protect valuable data, especially in a digital environment where everything is connected to the Internet, and business users are increasingly accessing networks and data from different locations. To help customers better protect their data on-premise, in the cloud, or on the network, Dell has taken the initiative to expand its data protection hardware and software.

Dell's Power Protect Data Manager Software

The modifications to Dell PowerProtect Data Manager software simplify organizations' IT operations and reduce risk. The Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance enables automatic discovery and protection of assets and protects VMware with transparent snapshots.

It also provides more secure access to restricted features with IAM and software-defined data protection for ease of deployment. New built-in functional security features such as MFA, dual authorisation, and role-based permissions provide the device with an easy way to implement modern data protection.

For secure data backup, Dell APEX Data Storage Services now offers a backup target option that provides more secure backup storage in a flexible, per-use consumption model. The Backup Destination service is easy to deploy and simplifies backup storage's acquisition, deployment, and maintenance. Dell's innovation also brought a new cyber recovery capability to secure data backup to public cloud services.

As cyber threats increase and data becomes more valuable, Dell is introducing a new Cyber ​​​​Recovery Guarantee in January to offer customers a guarantee that they can recover their data after a cyber attack. Guarantee offers customers up to $10 million in reimbursement of eligible expenses to facilitate recovery. of data from ransomware and other cyber incidents when data recovery is not possible with Dell solutions.

The program is a sign of confidence in their ability to provide a highly effective data recovery solution because they can be sure that cyber-attacks will not succeed. Dell customers would get comfort and peace of mind knowing they're safer with a money-back guarantee, the second layer of protection in the event of a cyber disaster.


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