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Google’s new Duet AI can attend meetings on your behalf

Google has launched a new Workspace feature utilising its Duet AI tool to generate automatic meeting recaps for users. The “take notes for me” function produces transcripts, highlights key discussion points, and flags action items - allowing individuals to skip meetings without missing critical information.

Powered by Duet AI, the feature generates real-time video snippets during meetings for later reference. It also provides “summary so far” recaps for late arrivals and can join meetings on a user’s behalf to deliver a complete recap afterward.

Duet AI for Workspace is now generally available, with Google offering a no-cost trial period to experience the capabilities. This integration aims to streamline collaboration and meetings by removing the note taking burden through AI-generated insights.

Beyond meetings, Duet AI will also enhance Google Chat. New shortcuts, improved search, and automated transcripts will help users stay on top of conversations. Users can ask questions about chat content and receive meeting recaps using natural language.

As AI collaboration tools proliferate, Google is positioning itself against competitors with Duet AI integration. Microsoft recently unveiled Copilot, its AI assistant for Teams, to provide similar meeting and chat summaries.

But Google Meet retains some unique strengths, like real-time video snippets generated by Duet AI during calls. This face-off between Google and Microsoft highlights the escalating AI collaboration arms race. It’s an exciting time for businesses.

However, robust AI comes with risks like biased or inaccurate outputs. As these tools enter workflows, organisations should diligently review automatically generated content. While AI delivers conveniences, human oversight remains critical.


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