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Hyundai, AWS design training and certification program for essential cloud abilities 

The automotive industry has turned a shift towards embracing digital transformation. With the advent of connected cars and smart manufacturing processes, Hyundai recognizes the need for its workforce to possess proficiency in cloud computing. 

Hyundai has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to introduce a comprehensive training and certification program. This initiative is designed to equip individuals with essential cloud computing skills, fostering a workforce well-versed in the intricacies of AWS services.

The training and certification program covers a spectrum of essential cloud abilities, catering to various roles within Hyundai's operations. Participants can expect to go into fundamental concepts of cloud computing, AWS architecture and hands-on experience with key AWS services. 

The curriculum is crafted to accommodate both beginners and those with prior cloud knowledge, ensuring a smooth learning experience. The program is not limited to IT professionals but extends its reach across departments within Hyundai. 

From software developers to business analysts and project managers, the aim is to create a cross-functional team capable of leveraging cloud capabilities effectively. This approach aligns with the industry trend of fostering collaboration across diverse skill sets.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive AWS certifications, validating their proficiency in cloud technologies. These certifications are recognized globally, providing a valuable asset for career advancement.

Moreover, participants gain practical skills applicable to real-world scenarios, enhancing their ability to contribute to Hyundai's ongoing digital transformation efforts.

This collaboration shows Hyundai's commitment to leveraging cloud technologies as a cornerstone of its digital strategy. By upskilling its workforce through this training program, Hyundai aims to enhance innovation, efficiency, and agility in its operations. 

The cloud-ready workforce will play a pivotal role in driving Hyundai's digital initiatives and ensuring the company remains competitive in the rapidly evolving automotive landscape.

As the automotive industry continues to integrate advanced technologies, the demand for professionals well-versed in cloud computing is expected to rise. Hyundai's foresight in partnering with AWS for this training program positions the company to not only meet current demands but also to stay ahead of the curve in anticipating future industry needs.


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