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ManageEngine adds security and risk posture management to Log360 solution

ManageEngine has upgraded its unified SIEM solution to now include a security and risk posture management dashboard. The new addition will enable users to troubleshoot configuration flaws and other hidden dangers in their Active Directory environments.

“ManageEngine has augmented its unified SIEM solution with security and risk posture management that allows enterprises to gain visibility into the current risk posture of their network resources. This helps identify critical loopholes and vulnerabilities that, if exploited, can cause significant damage. Furthermore, the feature helps curb account compromise and misconfigurations, two of the most commonly used techniques for launching an attack,” said Manikandan Thangaraj, ManageEngine’s vice president, in a media statement.

The new dashboard will also help with compliance by comparing current settings against security baselines recommended by Microsoft, Center for Internet Security (CIS) standards, and ManageEngine itself.

“With the introduction of more regional compliance mandates, aligning security and compliance is more crucial than ever and has become an important conversation in board meetings. Security and risk posture management—a proactive security strategy—is an integral part of many compliance requirements,” Thangaraj added.

Once implemented, the new dashboard actively monitors an organisation’s Active Directory and gives it a score from 0 to 100 depending on how well it complies with pre-established, customisable rules built around recognised best practices.

The system also flags security risks, indicates their severity, and provides remediation tips. It can be configured to send email notifications to technicians about their current security posture at given intervals.

With the new addition, users of ManageEngine Log360 will now have an added layer of protection on top of their current security features which include integrated data loss prevention (DLP), cloud access security broker (CASB), compliance management, as well as security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR).

Pricing is dependent on the number of domain controllers, Windows servers and workstations, and Syslog devices the system monitors.

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