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Mercedes F1 embraces AI and the cloud as it looks to overhaul its IT systems

Mercedes F1 has joined forces with SAP to modernize its IT infrastructure and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its resource planning processes. This partnership will provide the racing team with access to SAP's AI technology, enabling them to forecast costs, predict budget requirements, and optimize their supply chain.

Mercedes will leverage SAP's AI capabilities to accurately forecast costs and optimize its budget, ensuring compliance with Formula One's cost cap regulations.

Henceforth, the team will utilize SAP's secure S/4HANA cloud environment to streamline its digital operations and enable seamless scalability.

Formula One is a data-driven sport, and SAP's AI solutions will help Mercedes extract valuable insights from the vast amount of data generated by its cars.

Cloud computing plays a crucial role in Formula One, enabling teams to process and analyze large volumes of data quickly and securely. Cloud-based simulations, for instance, have proven invaluable in refining car designs and achieving marginal performance gains.

Mercedes' partnership with SAP aims to replicate the success of cloud computing in on-track performance on the business side of its operations. By leveraging SAP's AI and cloud technologies, Mercedes seeks to optimize its resource planning, enhance efficiency, and achieve cost savings


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