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New reports suggest that Apple’s new foldable device, a tablet or laptop, differs from rivals

Rumors about a foldable Apple iPhone have circulated since 2023, with many speculating a 2026 release. However, a recent rumor suggests a potential setback for this move.

According to a source within the Taiwanese supply chain (as reported by MacRumors), Apple has been secretly developing a foldable device for five years. Contrary to previous notions, this device isn't just an iPhone; it's purportedly a "larger device," likened to a tablet or laptop.

Allegedly, Apple has encountered challenges in perfecting a foldable display panel in collaboration with Samsung, meeting its stringent quality benchmarks. Yet, the latest report confirms the pause in production and the transfer of Vision Pro engineers to the foldable project.

Interestingly, Apple hasn't entirely abandoned foldable endeavors, maintaining separate departments for various foldable product lines. Moreover, a potential release date of 2025 is suggested, deviating from earlier speculations of a 2026 launch.

While quality concerns with the display panel may contribute to the delay in launch, it doesn't justify the prolonged timeline, especially when competitors like Samsung, OnePlus, and Google have already introduced foldable phones, and Lenovo has led in foldable tablets.

One explanation could be the attention to detail characteristic of Apple's product development process, prioritizing quality over speed. This delay, however frustrating, might hint at Apple's intention to deliver a superior bendable laptop or tablet instead of rushing a foldable iPhone.

Such a device would offer significant advantages, including a larger screen in a compact form, addressing the practical need for multitasking while conserving space. Considering Apple's track record of product excellence, a foldable device from the tech giant could boast a durable display and hinge technology, ensuring longevity.

While the wait for Apple's foldable innovation continues, the prospect of a groundbreaking device remains tantalizing. If Apple can deliver on its promise of superior quality and functionality, it could revolutionize the foldable device market.


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