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NVidia ARM deal investigation on pause by EU regulators

Nvidia was in talks to acquire British chip designer company ARM. The British regulators pause the investigation for the largest chip deal ever made. Nvidia is one of the biggest manufactures of graphics chips, machine learning and artificial intelligence software and many more. Its equity is abandoned, resulting in acquiring companies that fall within a pattern of similar niches.

According to Bloomberg, ARM computing architecture processor designer is currently valued at $17.5 billion. It was in long sales talks, and Nvidia was the highest bidder. NVidia's server chips made tech giant Intel lose its market value previously.

‘Grace’, by Nvidia, was determined to tackle the current CPU shortage globally, causing the price fall of Intel shares. We are happy to say the phase is almost over, and restocking is seen throughout manufacture shelves.

Though other companies and government regulators were coming in between the acquisition of ARM, NVidia successfully made it to the end line for shopping. ARM provides a significant percentage of newer technology as far as computer processor goes.

Those denying acquisitions were worried NVidia would control the pipeline. Though CEO Pat Gelsinger promised the supply chain would remain intact, they will respect the current processing flow.

The story originated in September 2020 when the British chip designer ARM had some pitfalls. Many parties took an interest in the deal, and thus it became a critical acquisition for any company. Many of the country's biggest players benefit from the chips designed by ARM, so the business goes in billions. Parties were most concerned about the price hike the next owner will do, for which the whole dependency will suffer.

The UK launched an inquiry quite fast after the deal was in process. After Europe, the USA also took an interest in blocking the deal as it may raise too many concerns for global players. The US Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit, blocking the deal. Fear remained for every other company if NVidia had harsh decisions in mind after the acquisition.

The European Commission dropped the hurdle and decided to pause the investigation on the Nvidia ARM deal after the investigation date expiration. As COVID-19 took over the world, there was a shortage of workforce, staff, and lockdown restrictions were all around. This made the investigation process relatively slow, but it was effective nevertheless. November 25 was the investigation deadline, and according to the timeline, it went on pause.

Nvidia is the worlds largest maker of graphics and artificial intelligence (AI) chips, which makes them more than capable of handling such massive operations. We’ve seen AMD trying to fight with Nvidia in terms of graphics chips and with Intel for computer processors. Though they managed to compete intensely against Intel, with Nvidia, it’s a tough fight. The company still makes top-end gear with the finest software.

Worlds first RT cores are brought by NVidia to the market, and AMD is still trying to compare it. So, it goes without saying how enormous NVidia’s infrastructure is.

Though we don’t have the most accurate idea of how the company is going to handle the acquisition, if these hurdles don’t pop up anymore and government organisations support the deal, we may see another successful purchase.

With the current staff shortage on the filing and new variants of coronavirus on the news, we may see the pause continue for a while. After the acquisition, we can safely say it is the biggest chip deal ever made and potentially the largest purchase made by Nvidia.

At the moment, Nvidia is valued at $251 billion, climbing over Intel’s evaluation. The deal was for $40 billion to buy ARM, but it may rise much higher as demand is too great.


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