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Prevalence of cyber risk offers opportunities for MSPs

Most businesses claim to have noticed an increase in cyberattacks in recent months. More specifically, on average, eight attacks each year have occurred against American companies. Even though not every assault is the same and takes many different shapes, their sheer volume puts firms in danger. Unfortunately, a lot of attacks succeed, endangering business activities and reputation.

Decision-makers in the US increasingly consider securing and protecting their enterprises from cyber attacks to be of the utmost significance due to the increased sophistication of these attacks. The outcome of such attacks is a change in company priorities. Cybersecurity is no longer a secondary concern for businesses, as it was formerly assigned to the IT security division.

Small and medium-sized firms have accepted the dangers their companies are exposed to. Others realised the necessity of cyber security after a catastrophic breach, while some welcomed the inevitable and braced for their firm's potential to be attacked one day. More than two-thirds of SMBs cite cyber security as their top priority in Vade's "SMB Cybersecurity Landscape Report 2022."

Defenses can use improvement to become more effective. Approximately two-thirds of businesses concur that current security solutions could be more sophisticated. The lack of cybersecurity talent makes them vulnerable to attacks and need more assistance.

According to Georges Lotigier, CEO of Vade, "decision makers believe that cybersecurity is incredibly important and it's only going to become more vital as the sophistication of cyberattacks improves."

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are needed right now. MSPs are an essential resource for businesses, especially SMBs, since they help fortify their defences. Approximately 96% of firms outsource part of their needs to MSPs or intend to do so soon.

Businesses rely on MSPs to provide access to the most recent technological advancements and solutions, cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, and technical experience. To guarantee that IT decision makers have faith in their cybersecurity protections, MSPs must ensure that the proposed technologies are simple to use.

To support smaller firms, the industry must comprehend how to focus on improving cybersecurity, leverage and improve the resources like MSPs.

Email security is one area where IT decision-makers exhibit excessive trust. Most decision-makers claim their current email security solution can defend them from a data breach. However, nearly seven out of ten claim a violation has passed their current email security. MSPs will ensure that any complacency is prevented.

MSPs, who are experts, must give firms access to cutting-edge solutions and qualified counsel. Those who develop into strategic partners for their clients will do best among rival MSPs.

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