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Strategies for recruiting MSP talent

MSPs have been employing strategies to hire top talent for years, whether using tech recruiters or setting up internal recruiting teams. Whatever the method, locating the necessary skill sets and conducting interviews are all difficult aspects of hiring. Finding the appropriate employees goes beyond a technical skill set match for a company built on relationships and connections.

1. Develop an appealing "profile":

Any hiring manager can use an ideal candidate profile to guide the perfect candidate for the position. It serves as a tool for candidate evaluation throughout the employment process.

When developing your profile, take into account the following qualities:

  • Shifts for the position in an on-site, remote, or flexible office Price range

  • Knowledge, Proficiencies, and Certifications

  • Job Scoring Chart Career Plan Culture Fit

If you throw a question of Why your most recent hires choose you? You'll be astonished to learn that high-performing tech professionals may choose your organization for reasons you take for granted.

Follow the most recent studies and data-driven insights about the trends and requirements for tech talent.

2. Look for talent where it is needed:

Other great locations to find talent include the following:

  • MSP professionals can communicate with colleagues and thought leaders by sharing knowledge in online tech forums.

  • Social media platforms like LinkedIn allow you to request introductions from contacts to people they've worked with.

3. Use their native tongue:

Ensure your employee appreciates a proposition beyond money when creating your job description and advertising material. For instance, at ITBD, they send new engineers through a 60-day "Boot Camp" where they are schooled on MSP tools and processes, so they are ready to go on the first day 1 when we enlist them to an MSP. Don't forget to make the applicant feel enjoyable and excited.

Remember to:

  • Ensure that your job title is appropriate and clear

  • Include the job duties in the language a potential employee would understand and what you're searching for

  • Provide a link or QR code to encourage applicants to visit the job and careers page

  • Communicate your organisation's objectives, vision, and culture to draw people with similar interests.

  • List the advantages and perks that your MSP provides.

4. Present a test:

Check their IT aptitude and innovative propensities before inviting them in for the final conversation. Make them sign up for a virtual career fair, and at each fair, hold a live hackathon. Give them a challenge they are unsure of their ability to complete so they will be eager to try! Make the challenge enjoyable, and try incorporating a surprise aspect and a small amount of mystery. Asking them to identify a problem in a client's fictitious IT environment is one method to go about it.

At IT By Design, we regularly hold virtual job fairs both to develop talent pools and to produce quality leads for potential future hiring

5. Employ talent with the appropriate attitude:

No matter how talented a person is, they won't add value to you if they don't match your MSP culture. And this is where attitude is crucial. Look for candidates whose fundamental values and objectives align with your MSP during the screening and interviewing process. Many qualities that characterise a successful employee are not listed on a resume.

Therefore, throughout the interview, try to comprehend what the prospect performed in their previous position. Asking inquiries that delve into the most recent project's most minor elements can help you determine their commitment to their customers and their love of learning.

6. Make the applicant experience fantastic:

You must first deliver an excellent recruitment experience and sell the job to convince top-tier IT professionals to accept your job offer. Put potential employees through a mail campaign that includes corporate news, blogs, "fun at work" videos, and podcasts if you have a robust monitoring system. They will feel valued and respected, and This new strategy will positively impact your employer's brand.

Conclusively, MSPs must be clever and forward-thinking in their hiring practices, given the digital transition and the always-evolving tech ecosystem. A robust, targeted recruitment strategy is necessary to find tech talent, and it should entail creating an interviewing procedure that matches your MSP's vision and reveals candidates' simple skill sets.


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