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2021's Best Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Managing IT solution with a team of threaded experts is very efficient in terms of cost and productivity. To handle the situation in accordance with the world today, MSP (Managed Service Providers) excels as a beneficial solution to company or business IT problems.

Tech News Pro has compiled a list of top MSPs in 2021 that showed amazing performance metrics. They serve as software, infrastructure, and platform service provider innovatively in the IT space of this fast-paced modern world.

ConnectWise MSP key insight: Headquartered in Tampa, FL. ConnectWise is one of the biggest MSP that has been around for long-serving companies and businesses in assisting, recovering IT, financial, security, cloud, and billing solutions. ConnectWise sits in the front end to protect client data, as a team of experts in Cybersecurity.

Barracuda MSP key insight: Barracuda MSP has the best email threat scanner, phish line, and human firewall management on our list. Their HQ sits in Chelmsford, US. Barracuda MSP team of experts divide their task as a tree with three branches. These branches are the eco platform, management, and next-gen firewall.

Ninja RMM Key Insight: Ninja RMM provides a Powerful and simple monitoring system as an IT professional solution to businesses and companies. Medium and small businesses need services like these to survive financially. Big companies can also implement a low-cost infrastructure with Ninja RMM.

Kaseya MSP Key Insight: MSP companies were valued at over 186 billion USD in 2019. And a survey done by Kaseya IT shows by 2025, the market will be over $356 billion. Kaseya is best known for its survey on companies and handling cyberspace for total security solutions.

Datto MSP Key Insight: Datto MSP has an outstanding track record in efficient workspace management, cloud services, SaaS protection, file maintenance, and security. This automation is really important for businesses.


IBM MSP key insight: IBM believes in efficiency and optimization in its provided MSP service. IBM is one of the biggest tech giants and providing managed services for almost a decade.

HCL MSP key insight: HCL is also a global leader in MSPs. In December 2018, HCL Technologies became a Microsoft Azure expert with a proven track record. AWS, VoIP, cybersecurity are some of the facilities of HCL.

Infosys MSP key insight: Infosys MSP is now partnered with Google Cloud and it is really accelerating businesses according to an online press release done back in August 2019. On-demand services and top-notch expertise brought Infosys into our list of top 10 Managed Service Providers in 2021.

LTI MSP key insight: Partnered with Oracle Cloud, LTI MSP is invested in providing rich security features and the capability to be the backbone of a company’s IT solution.

2nd Watch MSP key insight: 2nd Watch is a repeated farm that runs an MSP business model for companies with world-class strategies and counseling. IT, healthcare, education are some of the niches or their MSP service.


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