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Top 5 Cloud Service Providers

Cloud services replace traditional hard drives and server racks on site. It is easily accessible and more secure for stored data. Many cloud service companies provide great support. We have listed the top 5 cloud service providers around.

Cloud services provide SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). These are flexible options to choose from, for any business whether large or small. Let’s check on some of the best cloud providers.

AWS hosts one of the largest cloud-based service applications globally. From large industries to startup companies trust AWS to host site data, business data on the platform. AWS believes in transformation and it evolved from a 170-year-old telegram based business model to the standard it is today. AWS is not only secure but also more complaint, and scalable with the hybrid business model. Amazon’s branding and financial boost certainly helped AWS reach its true potential in a small amount of time.

Microsoft is a big name in the tech industry. It is hosting a cloud service program in the name of Microsoft Azure. Azure provides advanced analytics with synapse and unmatched insights. Multicloud and Hybrid solution is extended on Microsoft platform. Advanced AI and Machine Learnings have been implemented with Azure machines.

Global brands like FedEx, Forbes, Spotify, Toyota, LG, and Discovery are to name a few depending on the services of Google Cloud. We know Google is vast and it is the backbone of the current generation internet. The cloud solution provided by google is unmatched. Google uses its cloud platform to host YouTube and google search data.

IBM has a hybrid multi-cloud environment. Hybrid cloud is the working combination of public cloud and private cloud services. Multiple private cloud services can be there alongside the main cloud platform that you use from a company like IBM. IBM cloud has AI customer service, application modernisation, backup & disaster recovery, chatbots, dedicated servers, a lot more.

Verizon Cloud has very flexible plans for its cloud infrastructure. Personal use or company domain is suited for VC. Verizon serves 5G cloud to over 2,700 cities nationwide. The Verizon cloud has tailored VPS, affordable plans to share, upgraded computing power, and on-demand support for customers.

SAP, Oracle, VMWare, Rackspace are also top cloud services. Whichever business model you run, can be fitted to any of the top cloud service providers.


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