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Upcoming technologies in which MSPs can leverage during 2023

Companies and organisations are investing heavily in the latest technologies such as machine learning and augmented reality, as well as existing IT infrastructure deployment as part of efforts to drive digital transformation.

Managed services offer efficient functions at low cost without compromising quality. In addition, managed services also support and ensure the reliability and continuity of services provided for various business processes.

What should MSP leaders be aware of as they move into 2023?

It is a growing cloud marketplace that connects MSPs and technology developers and vendors.

The two most attractive managed service offerings this year were cloud and cloud managed web services, and one of the most important trends we've seen is the desire to adopt hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities, e.g. better performance while controlling cloud consumption.

Research are ongoing relating to cloud optimisation automation providers and platforms because multi-cloud environments can be complex. MSPs have benefited greatly from the growth of cloud infrastructure and applications-as-a-service, and now that they are established, they can turn to insight.

Growth opportunities for MSPs in delivering migration, configuration, optimisation, cybersecurity and general business transformation projects as SMEs and enterprises is becoming increasingly.

Not everyone is moving to the public cloud, and MSPs continue to thrive by managing their customers' hardware, routers, switches and networking software that takes their private intranets and connects them to the public cloud.

Hybrid Models

With the implementation of hybrid models, MSPs can see opportunities to move to more diverse clouds and use the cloud itself to monitor and manage the infrastructure they are responsible for. By implementing remote management, MSPs can save money, avoid or eliminate such things as rolling trucks and begin to compete in a more modern field service industry.

Providing managed services is not easy and MSPs need the right tools to manage everything through process automation. The more digital transformation is, the more important it is to protect data against various online attacks or unauthorised access.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of automatic security systems, natural language processing, facial recognition and automatic threat detection this year, but in 2023 we will see more intelligent systems that can prevent new attacks and notify administrators in real time.

MSPs should look at the amount of data they are responsible for managing because Artificial intelligence and automation allow MSPs to have greater control over the data they collect, analyse and protect for their customers.

With nearly half of cyber attacks against businesses or insiders from government agencies, MSPs can help address this problem by ensuring their teams are skilled, experienced and trusted, with appropriate oversight and sensitivity in sectors such as healthcare, retail and financial services .

MSPs are competing in the growing but challenging managed IT services market . While customers are willing to spend more money for the right services, their needs are becoming more complex because of IT environments.

Smarter software, automation, RPA artificial intelligence and cross-system APIs can also help MSPs to prepare for responsible growth which allows them to scale and take advantage of the most exciting solutions we've seen.


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