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Users can now create customized versions of ChatGPT as Open AI teases an app store for AI apps

ChatGPT users can now earn money selling their own customized ChatGPT apps. And the best part is it requires no technical knowledge. You just use plain language commands to tell the ChatGPT the app you want to create. You can also upload your own data to train the app for a specific use case.

The announcement was made during OpenAI’s DevDay, the company’s first-ever developer conference in San Francisco. During the event, the company also teased a new app store specifically for customized AI apps, or GPTs as they call them.

Not much detail was revealed about the GPT store, but OpenAI has alluded that GPT creators will be able to earn based on how much their GPTs are used.

GPTs will be available to paying ChatGPT Plus subscribers and OpenAI enterprise customers, who can make internal-only GPTs for their employees.

OpenAI which now has over 100 million weekly users said the decision to introduce GPTs is in response to an increased demand for more customization from customers. The company noted that ChatGPT power users have a list of carefully curated prompts and instructions that help them achieve specific purposes. With the new feature, these users can create a custom GPT instead of having to manually copy & paste their prompts every time.

To demonstrate the new capability, CEO Sam Altman quickly spun up a GPT that is meant to help founders successfully navigate the early stages of their startups. By uploading scripts from previous speeches he has delivered on startups, the GPT was able to answer in detail questions such as how to hire a winning team for your startup.

Each GPT can be granted access to web browsing, DALL-E, and OpenAI’s Code Interpreter tool for writing and executing software. The GPT developer tool also has a feature called Actions, that lets the GPT draw from external services for accessing data like emails, databases, and more, starting with Canva and Zapier.

OpenAI has said that GPT creators will have no way of monitoring or recording chats between users and their GPTs which is great for security. The AI company also said it will be monitoring activity to block things like fraud, hate speech, and “adult themes.”


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