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Whilst during the pandemic, MSPs are hiring in large numbers

While the pandemic hit the job market in 2020, companies are letting employees go to manage financials. At the same time, we have realized work from home is also possible and it is safer. Desk jobs put employees at the risk of being affected by Covid-19. Government announcements and safe work measures may have sent some of us home, MSPs are still hiring all the experts possible to fill up the extra demand.

35% fewer jobs have been open to the public in 2020’s second quarter and that’s in the European job market. It is not the same as in 2019. It is estimated, this rate will remain high even in 2021. As we have discovered all the benefits of working from home, and it is possible to work with fewer employees. Companies are taking the matter seriously and at the same time jobs in the IT or tech industry took a huge buff.

Managed Service Provider services (MSPs) seem to have high activity both in their workplace and in the hiring committee. MSPs work remotely, giving the companies room to grow where it matters. According to BBC in November 2020, there were 819,000 fewer workers on UK company payroll.

Many companies also shut down due to the unfortunate cuts. While some of them were connected to MSPs. They have their data backed up on secure servers. So the companies can start again with old connections. MSPs hire IT personals mostly. They have their marketing and promotional staff. Computer engineers, software engineers, customer service representatives, network managers, call centre agents, help desk technicians, support managers, infrastructure and managed specialists, desktop technicians are to name a few. These are the categories MSPs hire in large numbers. As MSPs grow, more people in these departments are hired.

According to Glassdoor career in the IT sector is in huge demand right now. Small and large businesses are doing practical research on why it is very important. ConnectWise MSP acquired two new IT sectors in the need for their security service to benefit more customers. Stratozen and Perchsecurity have been added to the ConnectWise inventory for more security benefits for customers.

Other MSPs are also widening their field, hiring engineers, technicians too. It is never too late to get a degree in IT and start practicing for it. Not only benefits personal growth but also gives more room to find a stable job in the current market.

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