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EU roaming charges changed for Virgin Mobile and O2 Users

From now on, Virgin Mobile and O2 users will travel to Europe and still keep their mobile data. Those data can be sued and made call or text without the need for any change. The announcement of no need for extra fees for roaming charges after Brexit will surely help customers transition between borders.

PM Boris Johnson said in a tweet that the decision is welcomed by Virgin Media and O2 to "keep roaming free, meaning UK citizens can still use their mobile data, calls and texts across Europe with no extra charges."

Three other major carriers, Vodafone, EE and Three, has plans to introduce the same effort for customers. Customers frequently travelling to Europe will benefit most as the roaming is built around the procedure. The UK and the EU to strike a deal on charges according to BBC tech decided the fate made the customers champion.

Users could call, text and use the remaining data before the UK left the EU. After Brexit, the rules changed, and the roaming facility was needed. The roaming charges bloc were removed in 2017. But after the December 2020 trade deal, operators were finally able to introduce charges again. It was again a fresh start for mobile operators to charge the customers.

The data loss faced by customers due to the ineligibility of roaming fees was a loss for even the company. Chances are frustrated customers bought fewer subscriptions to avoid extra charges.

With the start of a new year, the chief commercial officer of O2 Gareth Turpin said customers will get certainty of not reintroduced ‘roaming fees in Europe.’ A family of four may find an extra £100 bill for going abroad for two weeks. This data is analysed from connection provider rates and usability. Three is also on its way to making roaming charges free for customers moving from the EU to the UK within May.

Vodafone, Three and EE will start announcing roaming fees between January 31 and May 23. The Customer-first business model received additional attention when Virgin Media and O2 began to work together in June 2021. The ‘biggest telecoms challenger in the market’ is empty words, but the innovation perks of helping each other’s weaknesses came a long way.

Director of consumer and connectivity at CSS Insights analyst firm said the decision will surely raise eyebrows accurses the sector and ‘is a blow to rivals.’ Those not coming under the joint facility are sure to lose customers as Three and EE are already working together in building London’s underground network infrastructure. It is spectated that the network connectivity providers are extra active in the 2022 business year.

On Monday, Virgin Media and O2 broke ranks when announcing the exclusion of no fee policy. Customers already under subscription can use the exact data for calls and messaging as two company is now under parent company Virgin Media O2.

People wrote that they should leave Vodafone, EE and Three to join Virgin Media or O2 connection as it would be the most flexible option.

When Britain and the EU were the same part, people could roam free regardless of the mobile operator, but post-Brexit, it came to the cost of extra spending. Though European roaming sounds poisonous for ‘horror stories of people racking up bills,’ as that’s not the case, it should be treated accordingly.

The free-roaming charge for EU and UK customers seems like an excellent option for choosing a carrier. But what if their fees extend after a sudden period, and the competition dries out. It remains a valid point of view. Customers upgrading to EE after July 7 faced a £2 daily charge for using their data, text and calls in the EU countries. It will remain the same for Vodafone customers joining after August 11, 2021.


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