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Here’s why shoppers were racing to return their Apple Vision Pro headset during the 14-day return period

Among the latest contenders in the arena of AR is the Apple Vision Pro, followed by both critics and enthusiasts as an advancement in AR technology. However, as early adopters begin to share their experiences, a different narrative emerges as a notable number of returns and user complaints.

The Apple Vision Pro, hailed as the 'next big thing' in augmented reality is now encountering a notable number of returns from early adopters, falling within Apple's 14-day return policy. Priced at US$3,499, the AR headset by Apple has recently become the focus of many complaints from customers, covering various hardware and software problems.

Comfort and weight: Many users have reported discomfort, headaches, and motion sickness while using the Vision Pro. The weight of the device, especially its front-heavy design, has been a significant cause of dissatisfaction among users.

Productivity limitations: A considerable number of users have expressed disappointment in the device's productivity features. Some found it challenging to effectively multitask between virtual 'windows', while others mentioned difficulties with file management. According to one user, attempting to code while wearing the headset proved to be a challenging task, leading to headaches.

Lack of applications and content: Users have noted that the current shortage of applications and video content for the Vision Pro does not justify its high price. Some users expressed that the device did not enhance their work or entertainment experiences, making it hard for them to justify keeping it.

Display issues: Display-related problems with the Vision Pro include excessive glare, a limited field of view, and eyestrain. These issues have contributed to a less-than-optimal user experience, affecting both productivity and entertainment usage.

Isolation and sharing constraints: The device's design makes it difficult for users to share their experience with others due to the need for a precise fit. Users reported feeling isolated from family and friends, highlighting a lack of meaningful shared experiences.

User perspectives: Some users have expressed openness to trying a second-generation Vision Pro, suggesting that their dissatisfaction may not solely stem from the technology itself but rather specific issues with the current version.

The reasons for returning Apple Vision Pro headsets are varied, with comfort issues playing a significant role. While Apple has not yet released an official statement regarding the noticeable rate of user dissatisfaction with their latest product, analysts speculate that the company is closely monitoring user feedback and may introduce updates to address these issues in future iterations of the AR headset.


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