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Top Technology Trends for 2023

At the start of 2023 we offer our predictions for this year's technology trends.

Expanding Attack Surface Demands Information Security Innovations

Businesses can grow exponentially due to undervalued development projects and as organisations innovate to meet the demand for always-on digital access to products I believe that application and API security will take center stage, driving the demand for cloud-based application security platforms (CNAPP) and that quantum cryptography and quantum key distribution will evolve to address the challenges of key transfer and the potential for quantum cryptography to be broken.

The Experience Economy

The digital experience of customers and end users is now a key driver of business success, and "experience" will become the new key KPI in the coming months.

To succeed and survive, companies must be able to connect data from routine IT operations to business results or risk facing more innovative competitors. Distributed traceability will soon become the currency of business activity, and every technology investment must be positioned around discovery standards and practices from cloud to core to edge.

The focus is on implementing application development frameworks with new APIs for data management, compliance, and security, combined with new AI/ML toolchains. This is the beginning of a world where the front is driven by horizontal software platforms groups of small general-purpose computers scaled to fit deployment needs and used as a service. competitive advantage. Predictive technology is taking us from using labeled data analysis to real-time decision-making.

Companies and logistics providers will increasingly use IoT to increase visibility in their supply chains in 2023, bringing greater flexibility and efficiency, and improving IT/OT network management.

Responsible Innovation and Greater Inclusion

2023 will be the year when organisations put their money where their mouth is when it comes to corporate responsibility. This has brought us to a turning point and we are on the threshold of a generational change that will manifest itself through technology in 2023. Ultimately, organisations must define a purpose that goes beyond profitability. While there were good factors in the collapse of trust, the new dimension of innovation is moving rapidly towards the common good driven by the themes of responsibility, sustainability, equality, and inclusion.

"As we look to the year ahead, we would see a shift in connectivity, applications and security, delivery, and consumption. We see an all-encompassing future that is sustainable by default and requires new technologies built with new processes and serving new business models. We see exceptional and reliable digital experiences as the gold standard for business success", said Centoni.

No matter how great or difficult the progress, there is no greater danger than standing still. In 2023, those with the right tools to break down organisational silos between different sectors and disciplines and collaborate across borders to create real and lasting change will win.


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