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US Government takes action on National Security goals with AI cyber challenge

The US government reaffirms its commitment to forge collaborative ties between private enterprise, the open source community and cybersecurity by introducing its latest initiative.

The Biden administration unveiled its major to initiate a significant government-sponsored competition dedicated to exploring the utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) in fortifying national cybersecurity.

The 'AI Cyber Challenge,' offers a substantial prize pool of up to $20 million. The primary objective is the development of new technologies that can improve the security of computer code, a pressing challenge and one of the nation's utmost priorities, according to the White House. This plan will feature cooperation with leading corporations specialising in AI, such as Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Anthropic.

In a formal statement, the White House expressed, "The Biden-Harris Administration kickstarts a major two-year competition deploying artificial intelligence to safeguard the United States' vital software, including codes integral to internet operations and critical infrastructure."

This government move appears to build upon its commitment to strengthening bonds with the private sector, the open source community, and prominent industry players, all within the broader scope of the National Cybersecurity Strategy.

Just last month, the White House spoke of its initial actions under this strategy, creating the establishment of a comprehensive framework aimed at reducing the risk in critical infrastructure software. Within this framework, the government acknowledges that the most capable organisations, spanning both public and private sectors should assume a greater role in mitigating cyber risks.

This proactive approach in collaboration with the private sector serves to capitalise on the nation's substantial expertise and extensive technology ecosystem.

"The AI companies will share their state-of-the-art technology some of the world's most powerful AI systems, for competitors to leverage while designing innovative cybersecurity solutions," states the White House.

The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), a subsidiary of the Linux Foundation, is set to advise on this challenge. Their involvement ensures that the victorious software code is employed to safeguard America's most crucial software.

This commitment to involve the open source community aligns with the government's stance on this ecosystem. This approach toward the open source ecosystem stands as a hallmark of the current US strategy.

This scheme shows the administration's broader strategy of forging ties with the private sector and the open source community to bolster national cybersecurity efforts. The initiative marks a proactive step towards securing crucial software amid escalating cyber threats while embracing open source innovation.

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